Summertime Gladness Day Ten: Happy Feet

With the promise of warmer weather comes the prospect of foot liberation. Feet are released from their hot, stuffy foot prisons and allowed to bask in the summer air behind the less oppressing bars of my very favoritest of all the shoes; sandals.

What I’m trying to say is how very much I love summer shoes. My toes are happiest when wriggling free, scantily clad in full reach of the sun. This year I’ve been a bit late in securing summer attire. It always baffles me that the shops seem to sell everything a season early and that now, as August approaches, the winter stock has already started lining the clothes racks.

But my tardiness has saved me quite a few pennies and who doesn’t love themselves a bargain? Here are my favourite shoes this summer:

I love these shoes. Admittedly they’re a bit mad, they’re a tad out there. But I adore them. They glisten in the sun and I feel like I have a Mermaid with a shimmering, silver tail when I wear them. A colleague at work had these shoes and on seeing them in the playground I knew that I really wanted my own pair. It must have been the inner magpie in me. It turned out they were from Primark and cost a mere £5 in the sale. I raced to Primark straight from work, and managed to get the last pair in a size six. It was meant to be. These sandals are very comfortable, the sole is quite thick and clumpy and cushions my feet when I walk. They also add a bit of height.

Speaking of Primark, I also got these plimsolls from Primark as a tie dying canvas. They were £3 and originally white with raised flower detail. I had tie dye left over and wanted to see if I could make a crazy pair of shoes to doss around in from time to time. To make a treat for your feet like these, just grab a paint brush, decant tie dye into plastic cups, and stipple away. Do both shoes at the same time, so that you get the same gradient effect on both shoes. And that’s it.

I do love a good pair of flips flops. Last year I brought the best pair of banana yellow flip-flops from Jack Wills in the summer sale. They quickly adhered to my feet and I wore them everywhere with everything. But after this constant usage they wore out pretty quickly so I needed a new pair for this year. On entering Jack Wills, the first pair my eyes caught on, were these pretty, dusty pink patterned pair. It was love at first sight and they were in the sale at £9 so I couldn’t complain. I grabbed my size and headed straight for the till.

For my birthday my sister bought me another pair of flip-flops. These were from Accessorize. They always do the loveliest flip-flops, they are soft and automatically comfortable, as soon as you slip your foot in. I love the pink straps and the sparkly beaded detail.


My most recent purchase is a pair of Converse. They are my go to shoes, they look good and they are so comfortable. Whilst on a recent Spa trip with one of my friends, we were sat outside Patisserie Valerie right opposite Treds (the shoe shop). I could see a lovely, pale blue patterned pair of Converse in the window and I couldn’t resist a proper peak at them after we’d devoured our cake. It turned out they were £35 in the sale which made ignoring them and leaving them in the shop impossible.


I think my very favourite pair of summer shoes that I now own is this pair from White Stuff. I was in the shop with my Mum and hadn’t anticipated buying anything there at all. But I had a little look at the sale shoe rack at the back of the shop nonetheless and found these beaded stunners. They were beautiful and the only pair left, in my size, for £29 I couldn’t refuse.

So there you have it! I think it’s quite clear to see why my feet are so very happy this summer! Having an assortment of summer shoes to choose from makes my life that little bit more lovely and puts a real bounce in my step!


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