Project: Summertime Gladness

As an ode to the onset of summer, I’m proposing to embark on a seasonal project. A project all about joy and goodness, positivity and thankfulness. All about sun, birds singing, eating alfresco, licking various flavours of ice cream (in both cones and tubs, with or without flakes), gin and tonic, elderflower, sand in between toes, beach days, deck chairs, laughter, children playing in their gardens, large bodies of water, occasional thunderstorms, summer loving and catching a tan.

This little project of Summertime Gladness, is a little space to write a ditty of gratitude, a daily acknowledgment to the arrival of warmth and the feeling of freedom that flip-flops bring.

Here’s to summer and the sweetness that this season brings.

Day 1:

When the fine weather arrives, her hot breath tickles the nape of necks, the crook of armpits and even the very tips of some toes. Cardigans and jackets, jumpers and blazers are slowly shaken off, a shedding of winter plumage because the air is warm. And like a hug, the air reassures our limbs that for today, we can go outer-garment-free. And for this small liberation, I am filled with summertime gladness.

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