I’m feeling twenty-two

I still have the face of a child

Chillin’ with Daddy Cool

So it’s that time of year again and boy has it rolled around quickly this time.

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. It’s quite weird to think that twenty two years ago to the day, I entered this crazy world that we live in. Pink, angry and screaming fit to bust.

How small I must have been, how unaware of what my life would hold. It’s an odd process, aging. They say that with every year, we grow wiser and I guess that’s true. All the experiences we encounter and endure supply us with knowledge, and I know that I’ve learnt an awful lot in the time that I’ve been 21.

Also quite a lot of significant things have occurred. Some good. Some bad. And some rather unexpected.

Things that happened at 21:

  • I got my degree in English Literature and graduated.
  • I became an Aunty.
  • I finally started my publishing career.
  • I started this blog!
I'll always be a little odd

I’ve always been the Queen of funny facial expressions

And as much as I’ll miss being the young and hip age of 21, I’m eager to embrace this ageing process and enjoy the things that will happen in my 22nd year.

Maybe I’ll move out.

Maybe I won’t.

Maybe I’ll finally master the art of multitasking.

Then again maybe I won’t.

Maybe this will be the year that I fall in love.

Here’s hoping.

Maybe this will be the age that debut novelist Rebecca Palmer, breaks through into the literary world.

I’m ambitious, what can I say?

Here’s to even numbers and my 22nd year. I’m sure it will be both miserable and magical, such is life! Happy birthday me!

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