Another day, another internship

The World is at my feet

The World is at my feet

It’s day 3 of my Publicity internship at Orion. And although I am sick of working for free this internship is turning out to be rather exciting.

Today I came into the office, deposited my sandwich in the fridge and filled up a watering can. Yes, a watering can. In a publishing house. Of all things. Plant-well-being-officer will look amazing on that CV of mine.

Once those pesky plants were taken care of (I will count them tomorrow, there must be about 25, we shall soon find out just how accurate an estimation that is), I sat down to continue wading through the stacks of children’s short stories entered for a competition which has a digital camera as its prize. I have been given the job of short listing these hundreds of entries into a list of 10. I have 11. Whoops.

Children really do write the funniest things and their descriptions and language cracks me up. One lad used the simile, ‘like a constipated cheetah’, I can only assume he has indeed met a Cheetah with bowel trouble at one time or another. Children really do absorb a lot of what they see. I.e twilight, the hunger games, an assortment of xbox and Ps3 games, the Olympics (the sheer amount of athletic references was absolutely astonishing) and football games as well an insatiable thirst for murder. Why are 8 year olds writing about murder? You need look no further than the newspaper headlines and news bulletins. We live in a crazy world.

Anyway after analysing the creative words of the youth of today, I had the delight of binding manuscripts for a magazine. I made a slight error but rectified it by printing out the destroyed paper again. Thank goodness it was only 27 pages and not 257. Binding meant being in a different department, one a little louder than the one I am currently in.

Binding, did bind a lot of my time. So once the four books were done, I popped out for lunch. Yet another headache was brewing, I really hope I don’t have a brain tumor. I think the real root of my headache was a late night last night due to an inability to stop completing sudoku puzzles. Help me, I am a sudoku addict!

And now I’m sitting in Starbucks courtesy of my lunch expenses (psssh like I could afford a hazelnut latte everyday with zero income) writing all about what I’m getting up to.

I really am loving this experience. Although it was a little awkward yesterday when my mentor sent an email to all the staff introducing me as, Becca Bedding. Who now?

It’s bad enough being called Becky by most people I meet but to be called by a different, not to mention ridiculous surname was beyond the pale. No offence if Bedding happens to be your last name, it’s lovely, really, I’m a massive fan of duvets and pillows.

I quietly corrected her and she rectified it immediately. Phew! Disaster averted. Hopefully I may get the chance to attend an author event/signing if any happen to fall during my time here. Please God, please!

The location of the office is beyond gorgeous and Covent Garden and Leicester square are literally on the doorstep; I’m in Theatre Land. In fact the other day I sat and ate lunch in Covent Garden with the World and his wife and their giant pet Lindt Bunny. I’ve been walking all over the place this week, no buses for me so my legs are feeling the healthy strain. But when you’re sitting down all day, there’s nothing like a good stroll.

There is a blizzard of snow forming outside  so walking back should by idyllic. Snow in April… utterly absurd. I love sitting at my temporary desk, helping out however I can; slowly but sure progressing in the realm of publishing.

Stay tuned for more intern updates. Much love!



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