Thoughts of an Intern: Day 2

Hello Tuesday! Whilst walking to the bus I witnessed a man picking his nose with a key. Never have my eyes been privy to a more exquisite site. It just about made my day. Here I am at the station after a morning of passive smoking, coughing like a fish out of water and trying […]

Week 9: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Knowing that this was the last Monday before my internship starts at Little Tiger Press. The Bad  Having to clean the toilets. The Unexpected Going for a walk with the sister, Lucy and ending up in the library reading to Sophie, as pictured above. Tuesday: The Good Zumba. It was good to […]

Tomorrow I shall be: Rebecca, The Intern

So tomorrow is the big day. The day that my internship at Little Tiger Press begins. Excited is not the word. I am ecstatic at the prospect of getting up with the world and exercising my brain for the day. Well, for a fortnight actually. Just to feel tired will be such a welcome feeling. […]