Thoughts of an Intern: Day 6

So it’s now the last week of my internship. One more week and its back to what I do best.

I made my way into work, arriving just before ten and climbing up to the attic office. I greeted everyone and was introduced to a new face and seated at a different desk yet again.

I can pop professional desk hopper down on my CV now.

I soon set to work doing some proof reading of some soon to be published books. I had no idea that proof reading was such an art. Editors share a secret language almost. I felt like I’d been let in on a terribly elite and exciting editorial secret.

So there I was trying to scribble this new language all over the pages of the texts in front of me; making notes on the typesetting, chapter headers and the general layout as well as the grammar, word order and keeping an eye out for inconsistencies within the story line.

Editorial Hyroglifics

Editorial Hyroglifics

I found one huge inconsistency in one of the stories, along with some word order mishaps, some incredibly unfunny jokes that I didn’t think anyone would get, let alone a child and I highlighted an illustration faux pas too. I read three books in total, jotting notes down along the way. I loved it so much. Everyone around me was reading and scribbling and I wanted to stay the whole week.

Cake sale for Comic Relief: Red Velvet

Cake sale for Comic Relief: Red Velvet

But my reading was momentarily interrupted by a Comic Relief cake sale. And I never say no to cake. So down we all went to purchase some spongey refreshment. I opted for the mutli-layered red velvet cake which looked rich but irresistible.’ Twas delicious but I ate it without breathing and felt quite sick afterwards, which lasted until lunchtime when I gobbled the left over cake from Mother’s Day. Greedy much.

Once I’d polished off three books and two slices of cake, I hit the slush pile again, getting through a good chunk and penning lots of rejection letters. A positive afternoon. I’ve learnt a lot about submissions and the importance of actually submitting something of worth. Because writing for children is not easy, despite the popular misconception.

After chatting about proof reading courses I hit the road, slightly later than normal but contented. New department, new rules. And whilst I was walking to the tube station I encountered Binky and Louise from Made in Chelsea. Little bit exciting.

The tube also messed me around so I had to walk from St James Park to Victoria, but despite the perishing temperatures it was a lovely detour and a chance to commute outside of a claustrophobic vehicle.

Westminster Cathedral

Westminster Cathedral

But tomorrow it’s back to the PowerPoint and the spreadsheets. At least I got the chance to work in editorial.



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