Thoughts of an Intern: Day 5

(Forgive me and my tardy nature)

Friday had finally arrived and it came with a change. A change in department, an alteration in publishing field.

From marketing to editorial and I couldn’t wait.

So this morning I traveled up to Parsons Green as usual getting to the Coda centre at 09:50 sharp. I sat down to a morning of marketing tasks, sent out some books, researched some more London Venues, tidied  up my power point presentation and when everything was wrapped up I headed over to the building next door. To Stripes.

Once I was in Stripes, I climbed the stairs right up to the attic, cleared my throat and said, ‘Helloooo!’

Everyone in the office turned round and I scanned the room for someone who resembled a Chloe. I located her and sat down with her and two other ladies. They were having a meeting about whether or not to publish/buy a book, ’twas fascinating. Then once that was finished, I was shown to a desk, given a brief history of all things editorial and then I was shown the slush pile.

What is the slush pile I hear you cry? Well, it’s a pile of submissions. Horrendously bad submissions of stories that the people who wrote them think are the next bestseller, when children wouldn’t read them if they were free. Good grief the things I read were awful, cringey and not to mention patronizing in tone. So basically I had to read through the slush and make a note of anything good and worthy of publication (diddley squat) and then I had to write some constructive rejection letters. I learnt a valuable lesson today, yes everyone may have a book in them but some should never be written.

I think I have found my calling in life.

All in all it was a brilliant day. My eyes stung a little from all the words they devoured but I felt like I was working. And that my friends, felt quite wonderful.

Then once I was all done at work, once I had declined an invitation from the Friday office wine club, I went on my way to meet my friends for an after work beverage.

We met at Monument and the three of us headed to a lovely pub called The Folly where we enjoyed a few rounds after lots of pushing and shoving until we located an appropriate place to stand. It was a bundle of laughs and once I began to feel the effects of two pints on an empty stomach we headed out in search of food.

Byron: Emmental Burger heaven

Byron: Emmental Burger heaven

After deciding not to go to a Sushi bar that cost £100 a head, we settled in Byron, an amazing burger place where we enjoyed good food and a large slice of hilarity. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time.

Apart from getting moaned at by my parents when I got home because I hadn’t kept them in the loop regarding my whereabouts. And it was late. Blah blah blah I’m 21. Oh to be at Uni again. Independence where art thou?

The glorious Shard

The glorious Shard

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