Thoughts of an Intern: Day 4

(Again, apologies for the lateness)

Today involved a message from the wonder that is Billy Joel. If ever you feel fed up with job stuff or life in general give Vienna a listen. Just let the lyrics wash over you, they are amazing. I love this song with my whole heart.

‘Slow down, you’re doing fine; you can’t be everything you want to be before your time.’

Much like commuting, anywhere worth getting to is ultimately a bit of a struggle. There are stages, like the bus, the train, the tube and then your own two feet. Not everything can happen at once.

Today was quite a depressing day in terms of office discussion. Today I learnt that even long relationships can disintegrate, that 4 years can turn from strong to fragile in the blink of an eye.

I’d quite like to be married by the time I’m 25, if I’m honest. Not single and heartbroken. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Anyway, so today I spent the majority of the day looking for classy venues that wouldn’t break the companies bank. I put my findings into a PowerPoint presentation for easy viewing. I found some gems let me tell you, lots of them had huge rooftop terraces with spectacular views of London, do you think if I find the winning venue I’ll be allowed to attend?

I love this thing and the glug it makes when you've filled your glass.

I love this thing and the glug it makes when you’ve filled your glass.

I then made a new flickr account for tiger press, filling it with pictures of their events and appearances in various literary festival snaps; making clever captions to accompany them. These tasks where infiltrated with various visits to the frankling machine, selecting books to send to various publicists from the library and checking twitter for reviews.

The colleague I am shadowing is going to Brussels for a four day weekend, so she has arranged for me to go to the young adult fiction editorial department tomorrow. I am beyond excited, except that she told me not to bother coming in on Monday because she couldn’t find anywhere for me to go. This is quite rubbish, I’m not overly impressed with this conclusion. I want to get the most out of this opportunity not stay at home and miss out.

Any who, the day went buy quickly and soon enough I was on my way to the tube station, heading home to my Dad’s homemade quesadillas and sweet potato fries which were beyond delicious. Oh my goodness, they were phenomenal!

Heaven on a plate.

Heaven on a plate; my Dad can cook.

Only I didn’t know that the above meal awaited me whilst on my journey. I had a horrendous hunger tummy ache on the train, it was so painful I had to walk out of the station bent double, like a ‘disney witch’ (this has got to be my favourite New Girl quote). I was in agony and it seemed only right that a flump was in order. So I hobbled up the road and purchased my occasional flump and a packet of jelly tots, it is amazing what sugar can do.

Sugary bliss

Sugary bliss

Until tomorrow.

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