Thoughts of an Intern: Day 3

(Sorry this is a quite few days late, working and commuting was more tiring than I anticipated.)

Guten Tag Mittwoch!

I cannot believe it’s the middle of the week already. I also cannot believe that I don’t have my iPod with me this morning; I’ve misplaced it again. But now I can be far more aware of my surroundings, more tuned into the goings on. I can hear every tremor and jolt the bus makes, every sound of the constant use of brakes is audible  And I actually quite like it. Plus it gives me a chance to read, which I will do when I’m on the train, provided I get a seat.



No seat for me. But luckily my flask of tea is still hot, every cloud has a caffeinated lining. Except that I just tried to drink it and nearly fell over.

Some middle aged man just accidentally started watching the Harlem Shake on YouTube via his mobile telephone (maybe he has 4G); never have I seen anyone so frantic to find the pause button.

Anyway as requested by my friend (hello James!) I’m going to write more about my actual experiences of interning at a Publishing company and what I’ve been getting up to in the office.

I’ll keep you posted.


I just saw a man in a suit, a rucksack and a tan leather crocodile Dundee/cowboy hat. Needless to say I guffawed.


This morning I was given the task of photocopying press clippings of various authors, illustrators and books. However it wasn’t initially that simple. The photocopier was in the middle of a different departments office. I think it was finance, something important like that. I didn’t know whether to knock or go right on in. Another much deliberation I took a deep breath and marched it, located the printer and stood by it only to discover that you needed a code to operate it. So back I went. Password located, I photocopied until my heart was content, then cut the articles out and attached them to the three noticeboards throughout the office to show the staff certain books successes. A morale boost if you will.


Lunch time was an interesting affair. Rather than eating my lunch on foot as I had done on Monday and Tuesday, I sat in the dining room and chatted to my temporary colleagues. One of the staff used to work in Penguin and told me that there used to be an old graduate scheme at Penguin that involved going to New York for three months. Oh how I wish that opportunity still existed. After chatting about career ladders and various publishing companies, I popped outside to stretch my legs.

There I was walking along innocently minding my own business, enjoying the sunshine, when after a few strides I encountered a lad. I clocked him as he pulled his hood up.  He was with a rather butch looking girl and I remember thinking ‘they’re an odd couple’. They were getting nearer and nearer and I twiddled the pen repeatedly in my pocket, thinking ‘Please don’t speak to me’.

‘Oooh you’re gorgeous, you are!’ The lad said, leering at me.

Now as flattering as this was, it made me feel exceptionally uncomfortable. So I ignored this hooded lad and walked past hurriedly, pretending not to hear his shouts for me to turn round.

No thanks. I ducked into a card shop for safety, pretending to peruse the shelves for a mothers day card which I could and would make for a fraction of the cost. Cards are so expensive these days.

When I was convinced the coast was clear I hurried back to the office where I rejoined the office banter and offered to make tea for everyone. That went down well, everyone loves an after lunch cuppa.

At 2pm, I was allowed to sit in on a meeting between Marketing and Sales. It finished at 4! It was fascinating, lots of publishing jargon floating around as they discussed which books supermarkets would buy and where they would be placed in terms of shopping isles. Then something about units and margins were mentioned. It was hilarious too, colloquial and laid back; even a bit cheeky at times. As a result of the meeting I was given the task of finding a cool and quirky venue in London for a party for one of their best illustrators; a little bit of events planning there. Art galleries were thrown around, as well as mentions of exclusive clubs in Soho, the requirement was basically something snazzy that would make the Illustrator in question feel special.

I also contributed some key information about the Guardian Children’s Literature award to the meeting; which made me feel valid and important. If I hadn’t been there and done the research they simply wouldn’t have known. I also did some posting using the wonderful frankling machine, which according to my research cost about 600 quid and that’s the lower end. I must not break it.

The best machine ever!

The best machine ever!

As well as drinking my body weight in water cooler water, I did some spreadsheet stuff, compiled an interview for their website and did some other website work which was surprisingly like using WordPress so I felt quite at home. Some more tweeting occurred (nice follow Nick!) and I got to work on a mac. I had contemplated buying a mac for a while back when I had a monthly wage, but they are horrible. They are so ridiculously confusing, it took me ages to get used to it and even then it wouldn’t fully cooperate with me. Note to self: however aesthetically pleasing macs may be, do not buy one, big macs are far more beneficial.

So there you have it. Until tomorrow readers.

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