Tomorrow I shall be: Rebecca, The Intern

Watch out commuters, here I come!

Watch out commuters, here I come!

So tomorrow is the big day. The day that my internship at Little Tiger Press begins. Excited is not the word. I am ecstatic at the prospect of getting up with the world and exercising my brain for the day. Well, for a fortnight actually. Just to feel tired will be such a welcome feeling.

Boredom has kept me company for the past few months and now, finally, finally I am about to embark on something terribly exciting.

The world is outside; buffered by briefcases and people dashing for trains.

And tomorrow, I get to clamber onto one of those trains and breathe in the early morning aroma of toothpaste, toast crumbs and the March air itself. I get to travel, I get to move from the nest I have outgrown and be someone. The Intern.

I shall wear this:

First day outfit

First day outfit

My nails will be painted, my eyebrows plucked, my face poised in an inquisitive manner and my fingers itching to type, eager to source ISBN’s and formulate AI sheets, longing to fold press releases and run up and down the stairs to the post room. This is a step in the right direction, this is a step nearer to my career.

No matter how long this journey takes, no matter how fed up I will inevitably get at my prolonged unemployed state and even if I have no money left, I will never EVER give up.  This is MY life and I sure as hell know what I want to do with it. Passion is there for a reason, don’t waste it because of this ridiculous economic climate.

So ‘Take my hand, help me on my way’ by reading all about it! I will do my utmost to blog every day for the next 14 days about my interning experiences. Be they good, bad, humorous, horrific and even uneventful, I will record the things that will ultimately, one day, (hopefully sooner rather than later) lead to a salary.

Because anything that’s worth doing, takes time and perseverance. And I want to look back on my progress, however slow that may be.

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