Bonjour février!

Well, January has flown by. Mighty fast. And now it appears to be February. The month of pancakes and chocolate hearts.

One thing I’ve learnt this month – the first of this new year – is how fluid life can be and how much you bob around on this fluidity. One minute you’re surfing on a wave with a huge smile on your face, pebbled dashed with little droplets of salt water, your arms in the air, breathing in the essence of life. The next your drowning, looking up into the face of the waves, your surf board drifting off into the distance; with no foreseeable way of climbing back on. But you will and you do.

Life is funny like that, with its peaks and troughs, its highs and lows.

So much has happened this January and remarkably resolutions have been carried out successfully. I’ve stuck to ‘The good, the bad and the unexpected’ for one whole month now, four weeks, with only 48 left to go. Crazy stuff.  I’ve found a church that I love and that I feel a part of. I’ve spent more time with my sister and my niece and bitten my tongue a lot to prevent unnecessary arguments; apart from the time I told my sister that her eyebrows looked like elongated cartoon commas. That didn’t go down too well at all but I learnt from it.

I’ve kept in contact with friends, I’ve skyped a lot. I’ve smiled a little more and written. Not as much as I want to but I’ve tried.

I’ve finally acknowledged that life’s a work in progress and I haven’t got to get everything done all at once. Perfectly. It’s a journey and I’m travelling through seeing and learning new things every day.

And just when I thought all hope was gone – that I was never going to get anywhere – I got not one but two internships. Perseverance certainly pays off and so does prayer. At the start of this year I had no idea what would happen and now I have a vague route to follow, I have plans and I love a good plan. January has been both a friend and a pain in the rear end, but it’s been a month that has left me eager for the potential locked in the next 11 months.

And although February holds the delightful Valentines day on which I only receive cards from my Dad (and great cards they are too) I am determined that it will be a good one, turbulent no doubt and frustrating at times, but one with unseen glimmers of hope. One where I will smile, take photos, write, read, laugh and most importantly live; enduring whatever may come.

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