Bee Pea in London City, where the attitudes bad and the weather is…

Sometimes just getting out, stepping out into the breeze is all it takes. All it takes to shift the cobwebs and the perspective that you previously held onto so incredibly tightly.

Life really is what you make it. If you feel low, or sad or disappointed, dig about the little money you have in your pocket. Go and buy a ticket. A train ticket. A bus ride. A cinema viewing. Get out. Take yourself on an adventure.

Learn who you are and what you like. Spend time just sitting on a park bench in your own company, with yourself, by yourself. And enjoy yourself. Smile.

Watch the people pass by you.

And yes, there will be couples. Plenty of them, fingers and arms intertwined, undeniably happy on crisp and rather cold Saturday afternoons. Your heart could sink a little, or you could choose to let it rise. With hope and healthy expectation. Because one day that will be you, arms and fingers clasped around the one you love.

And yes there will be laughter and you may not feel like laughing with them at that precise moment. But one day you will. Things can only get so bad.

And yes, of course there will be tourists, plenty of them. But calm yourself, for you will travel again. Someday. One day soon for all you know.

Life can be lifeless. So inject life back into it. Paint your nails, wash your hair, put on some red lipstick, don the vintage green blazer you bought far to0 long ago for only £3 and walk. Follow your feet, go exactly where they take you. Even if they take you the wrong way. Take too many pictures of geese and trees. Smile at the man who sells the big issue. Reminisce.

Think thoughts, whatever they are. Imagine. Love what you see.

And if you have a dream, see that you reach it.



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